What We Believe

As we collectively work to transform Automotive for the better, here are some of the core beliefs we subscribe to:


Set Marketers Free

Marketing staff should be free to create, innovate and conduct R&D as they deploy marketing strategies. And earn a fair and equitable compensation package that appropriately calibrates the value an effective revenue leader delivers.


Dealers Should Own Their Data

Data warehousing is not just something for vendors to do. Data must be owned and run at the dealer level to enable true innovation.


Innovating Together Grows LTV

Magical, frictionless experiences and innovation is key to growing loyalty, CSAT and long-term profit. But it will take working together to create real transformational change.


Mobility Craves Innovation

While we push the boundaries of what a vehicle is and how it is made, the way that mobility dealers market, sell and service customers needs just as much focus. Auto must leap ahead of other sectors instead of following.


World-Class Partnerships & Technologies Are Needed

Traditional vendor relationships won't cut it anymore. Automotive must shift to true partnerships that are accountable to dealer-centric goals & KPIs. And we must embrace proven enterprise-grade technologies trusted by other regulated markets.

Think you're a fit?

We're an invite-only automotive community welcoming members who meet the following criteria:

Marketers, Business Development, or Sales Operators.

No Vendors or Consultants.

Must be a participant, not a lurker.