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Join the Auto Genius community of professionals, build connections with people you want to know, and create opportunities to bring out your best at work and in life. Auto Genius is more than a think tank – it’s a dynamic organization focused on helping members identify their purpose and achieve their full professional potential. As a citizen of the community, you'll explore opportunities to connect, investigate professional goals, and help make cool things happen together.

Peer to peer discussion

Peer-to-Peer Learning and Support

Connect with people who share your interests and challenges. Reach out to potential mentors and friendly communities that give you access to advice, insight, and growth opportunities.

Media Plan Optimization

Media Plan Optimization

Post your media plan and watch as the crowd optimizes it.

Partnership Auto Genius

Consulting & Credits

Exclusive access to cloud credits, paid consulting, discounts and advisory opportunities for AG members only.

Recruiter Access and Job Postings

Recruiting & Job Postings

Get access to a vetted network of recruiters and exclusive job postings.

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Industry News

Get news before it breaks to the rest of the industry.

On the Bench

On the Bench

Full suite of resources available for anyone in between roles, with dedicated support from our team.

LinkedIn Profile and Resume Reviews

Vendor Insight

Are you paying too much? Who is the best at ____?

Website Optimization

Website Evaluation

Crowd-source suggestions, optimizations, and mistakes by submitting your website to a community of experts.

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We're an invite-only automotive community welcoming members who meet the following criteria:

Marketers, Business Development, or Sales Operators.

No Vendors or Consultants.

Must be a participant, not a lurker.