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Top 150 Dealer groups to 1 price stores and every strategy in between.

“The best place to collaborate and idea-share with fellow industry leaders. An answer or strategy for every challenge you’ll face in Automotive Marketing.”

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Jake Barron Marketing Director, Koons

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Ask for peers to review your work, find bugs, stress test results, and get constructive feedback.

“I love the Auto Genius community. I have had a lot of support on my journey to becoming an expert in my industry and have met an amazing number of people who are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.”

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Samantha Foster, Internet Sales & Marketing Manager, Romano

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Multi-touch attribution, audience first targeting, snippets and schema tagging, everyone here knows the language you're speaking.

"I'm extremely impressed with the amount of knowledge I've been exposed to from the Auto Genius Community, it's like attending an automotive digital marketing conference whenever I want."

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Gary LaDue, Marketing Director, Modern Auto

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